Application for ECICEL Certification

Thank you for your interest in applying for the ECICEL certification. The Application is required for all applicants to verify eligibility to take the certification assessment. Please review the eligibility requirements below before completing the application.

1. Personal Contact Information

1.1. First Name:

1.2. Middle Name:

1.3. Last Name:

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1.12. How did you hear about ECICEL?:

2. Education Documentation
- A copy of your highest degree or global equivalent attained, and/or
- A college/university transcript

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2.1. High School

2.2. College optional

3. Professional Trainings

Course 1 Name:

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4. Professional Certifications

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5. Experience Documentation

Employer / Years:

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6. Signature Verification

I attest that all information provided on this application is true and verifiable. I further attest that I agree to abide by the ECICEL Code of Ethics. I understand that payment of an annual recertification fee and the completion of ongoing professional development are required to maintain current certification status.

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