UK university to train Russian railway bosses

The huge Russian Railways company is to have its managers trained by Anglia Ruskin University. The UK university will provide management training at the railway company’s own corporate university outside Moscow. Russian Railways has a million staff and is among the country’s biggest employers. The rail firm’s president, Vladimir Yakunin, said the training was part … [Read more…]

China education minister demands rejection of Western values

BEIJING (AP) — China’s education minister has issued a stern warning against threats to communist ideological purity in higher education, saying Western values must never be permitted to infiltrate the classroom. Yuan Guiren reiterated the need for strict ruling Communist Party control over education and said educators must ensure that teaching materials do not criticize … [Read more…]

Online Courses Experiment With Digital Badges

When 48-year-old Reginald Nichols of Reading, Massachusetts, took a free massive open online course in leadership last year, he wasn’t expecting to earn credit for a certificate or degree. Instead, after turning in several assignments and receiving positive peer reviews from other students, he earned what looked like an image of a badge – a … [Read more…]

The History of E-Learning

The term ‘e-learning’ has only been in existence since 1999. When the word was first utilized, other terms – such as ‘online learning’ and ‘virtual learning’ – also began to spring up in search of an accurate description of exactly was e-learning was. However, the principles behind e-learning have been well documented throughout history, and there is even … [Read more…]

5 Signs You Are Not as Smart as You Think

It’s a concept that can be difficult to come to terms with, but like it or not our intellect (or our perceived intellect) can often work against us in life. The indications are all there once you have the eyes to see them. Have you fell into the “I think I’m too smart for my … [Read more…]

Startup team for e-learning platform

Young Invercargill entrepreneur Josh Harrington was still at school when he came up with the idea of an online learning management system. Mr Harrington (18) has now left James Hargest College to concentrate on Mepo, a platform designed to help teachers and pupils collaborate, along with some other projects. Mepo was just an idea until … [Read more…]

E-Learning Is Becoming More Popular With Small Businesses

E-learning is fast becoming more viable, accessible from platforms like Asapy and affordable to small businesses. An initial investment in e-learning tapers off over time. For example, a three-year employee training program will typically recoup itself after the first year. Whatever the size of your company, e-learning is more cost-effective, easier, and more efficient than classroom-based learning … [Read more…]

How to Use Technology in Education

It’s hard to talk about schools today without talking about technology. Enthusiasts celebrate the wonders of tablets, virtual schools, and “blended” learning. Skeptics recall a litany of overhyped, underwhelming past efforts. News accounts whipsaw between breathless tales of digital learning and horrific accounts of troubled virtual schools. Last year, Forbes ran a cover story titled … [Read more…]

Online Learning and Credential Completion

ORLANDO — The discipline of research on online learning is nascent enough, and the body of long-term studies thin enough at this point, that keeping tabs on the state of thinking is a bit like watching a table tennis match. Every study that provides evidence of the effectiveness of online teaching seems to elicit a … [Read more…]

Online courses are transforming higher education, creating new opportunities for the best and huge problems for the restOnline courses are transforming higher education, creating new opportunities for the best and huge problems for the rest

TOP-QUALITY teaching, stringent admissions criteria and impressive qualifications allow the world’s best universities to charge mega-fees: over $50,000 for a year of undergraduate study at Harvard. Less exalted providers have boomed too, with a similar model that sells seminars, lectures, exams and a “salad days” social life in a single bundle. Now online provision is … [Read more…]

Distance Education: Four Things to Look For in an Online ProgramDistance Education: Four Things to Look For in an Online Program

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is a pioneer in distance education and has delivered quality distance programs for over 40 years. During that time, the delivery of instruction has evolved and much has been learned about the needs of students learning in nontraditional settings. Advances in technology have enabled greater opportunities for student engagement with professors, peer … [Read more…]

Audit Scotland warning over further college cuts.

Scotland’s college merger programme will have to find more savings in the face of continued funding cuts, the public spending watchdog has warned. Audit Scotland said the sector’s income fell 9% between 2011-12, with further drops in the next two years. Ministers said savings generated through mergers would protect full-time further education places. The move … [Read more…]

Cwmcarn High School reopening delayed for second time

The reopening of an asbestos-hit school, delayed following the death of a contractor at the site, is expected to be put off for a second time. It was announced earlier this week, Cwmcarn High School, in Caerphilly county, would reopen in October, but that date is now likely to be pushed back until November. Councillors … [Read more…]