Challenges of E-Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis

In the modern era, e-learning has emerged as a cornerstone of educational delivery, offering unparalleled flexibility and access to knowledge across the globe. However, as its adoption accelerates, several key problems have become apparent, each posing significant barriers to the effectiveness of online learning platforms. This article delves into these central issues, exploring their implications … [Read more…]

ECICEL Partners with E-Learning Quality Network to Enhance E-Learning Quality Standards

Exciting News from the European Center in Independent Certification (ECICEL)! We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the prestigious E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN)! This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to promoting and enhancing quality standards in e-learning. Our Shared Vision: At ECICEL, we have always been passionate about … [Read more…]

ECICEL Launches Updated E-Learning Quality Standard to Revolutionize Online Education

ECICEL is proud to announce the release of the newest version of its highly-regarded E-Learning Quality Standard. This comprehensive document aims to elevate online learning experiences and ensure educational excellence across the e-learning landscape. As the world of education continues to embrace digital learning environments, it has become increasingly important for educators, institutions, and organizations … [Read more…]

Abdou Diouf International Conference Centre to Host CICAD in Dakar, Senegal in May 2023

The Abdou Diouf International Conference Centre in Dakar, Senegal, will host the upcoming Conference on Information and Communication Technology for African Development (CICAD) from May 24th to 26th, 2023. The event is media supported by ECICEL and will bring together technology experts, industry leaders, educators, and policymakers from across the African continent and beyond to … [Read more…]

Pausing Membership Applications from Russia

We express deep concern about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand in solidarity with those affected by the violence. After consulting with our community, we have decided to respond by halting economic transactions with Russia. This includes: Additionally, we are supporting humanitarian efforts and providing assistance to our trainers, learners, and partners in the … [Read more…]

ECICEL Supports Digital Learning India Summit – Resolve the Obstacles Faced by the Indian Education Sector

This year ECICEL supports #Digital #Learning #India #Summit and we’re so happy to invite you! This conference is designed to bring the digital learning solution providers from all over the globe into the spotlight, which will aid in the modernizing and digitizing of the education sector, and solve the critical challenges of digital learning in the Indian sub-continent. The … [Read more…]

A Better Education for Adults During- And After- Covid-19

Aside from the negative impact that accompanied the pro-longed lockdown around the world, COVID-19 made many companies focus on their online presence. Typically, we all had a worldwide panic, and that led to most people, if not all, choosing to work indoors. More importantly, education continued despite the social distancing rule. That’s where E-learning came … [Read more…]

ECICEL is now a part of the Teaching & Education Research Association

We are thrilled to announce that we are part of TERA (Teaching & Education Research Association), an international community of students, practitioners, researchers, and educationalists. As an institutional member of TERA, we’ll now have a deeper reach that will help improve professionalism in the distance learning sector. As we all know, distance learning is growing … [Read more…]

5th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

We are excited to support the fifth edition of this premier international conference on education. Taking place this year in Vienna, Austria, IACETL 2022 will once again delight its attendees with the high quality of presentations and dynamic networking sessions. This education conference is not simply an event. It’s a platform for leading academics from around … [Read more…]

IBEForuM hosted the Digital Learning Africa Summit to Focus on the Key Challenges of the African Education Sector

The insights and the latest innovations of the EdTech industry were presented by well-known speakers and key sponsors like the Oracle Academy, Cypher Learning and many more. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be the driving force to boost e-learning. This conference brought together the digital learning solution providers from all over the globe that … [Read more…]

Digital Learning Africa Summit 2022 | Reinforcing the importance of transforming education systems

February 3 @ 8:30 am â€“ February 4 @ 5:30 pm We are thrilled to invite you to Digital Learning Summit Africa 2022! Reinforcing the importance of transforming education systems across the African continent through digital education. Digital Learning Summit Africa 2022 | 03-Feb-2022, 8:30 am – 04-Feb-2022, 5:30 pm The key stakeholders from the African Union’s Commissioner for Education, Science, Technology, … [Read more…]

The Value of Accreditation Service for Online Education Providers

Have you ever thought about the Accreditation Service for online courses, especially if you are an education provider? Hold up! Do you even know what Accreditation service for online education providers is all about? If not, don’t worry. This article will break down all the necessary information, including how to become accredited. So, without further … [Read more…]

IBEForuM Hosts QATAR DIGITAL LEARNING SUMMIT (Virtual) to Focus on the Key challenges of the Education Sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic has just accelerated the growth of e-learning. This virtual conference is designed to bring together the digital learning solution providers from all over the globe that will cater to Qatar’s National Vision 2030 of modernizing and digitalizing the education sector and solve the challenges of digital learning. Our extensive research with authoritative … [Read more…]

IBEForuM hosts SMART SCHOOL ONLINE SUMMIT – SAUDI to focus on the key challenges of Education Sector

The Education market of Saudi Arabia is the largest in GCC, with 300 thousand in Kindergartens, 5.5M in Primary Education, 1.4M in Higher Education and 128 Thousand in Technical Education. The Saudi Government has allocated SAR 195 Billion from its Current General Education Budget to the education sector. The COVID-19 has proven to be the … [Read more…]

The Difference Between Emergency Remote Teaching and Online Learning

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash Due to the threat of COVID-19, colleges and universities are facing decisions about how to continue teaching and learning while keeping their faculty, staff, and students safe from a public health emergency that is moving fast and not well understood. Many institutions have opted to cancel all face-to-face classes, … [Read more…]

The impact of the coronavirus on e-learning

3 coronavirus challenges for curriculum directors this fall Administrators are facing tighter budgets along with a need to establish expectations and adopt resources that fit multiple paths. By: Lauren Barack Robert Dillon knows any plan to bring back 2,700 students this fall can’t be boilerplate. That’s why the director of innovative learning for The School District … [Read more…]

Diploma exams to be offered in digital format by 2021

Grade 12 students in Alberta will soon be able to write their diploma exams on a computer. The province announced on Tuesday that an electronic exam pilot project, with digital marking, will launch in the fall of 2019, with a full roll-out scheduled for 2021. Education Minister Jeff Johnson said that the initiative is intended … [Read more…]