ECICEL is now a part of the Teaching & Education Research Association

We are thrilled to announce that we are part of TERA (Teaching & Education Research Association), an international community of students, practitioners, researchers, and educationalists.

As an institutional member of TERA, we’ll now have a deeper reach that will help improve professionalism in the distance learning sector. As we all know, distance learning is growing by the day, and we need to ensure we have the highest level of standards in this industry. It doesn’t get any better than this!

What is TERA?

Teaching & Education Research Association community meet to develop and spread ideas in teaching and education. TERA association aims to bring the brightest intellects, namely researchers, practitioners, students, and educationalists, together and encourage intellectual development, creating opportunities for network and collaborations. That is achieved through Academic networking, Conferences, Workshops, Meetings, Academic Awards, Research Publications, and Scholarships.

As we all know, education is all about networking and collaborations. What’s more, the TERA association is promoted by Eurasia Research. This community comprises diverse members and intellects who provide ideas, inspirations, and efforts and help drive collaboration.

The TERA community is that one-chance in a million that could help any educational body grow to its fullest potential.

The ECICEL TERA partnership

We are enthusiastic about this partnership because we understand the TERA community’s potential. Our goal is to ensure professionalism in maintaining distance learning standards, and TERA will help us achieve that. Our Council and the rest of the team are more than happy about this partnership. We can’t wait to get started working together!

ECICEL strives to achieve the utmost standards, and with the best of the best brains in the education industry by our side, we’re optimistic that our goals will bear fruits. The need to create sanity in online learning programs is growing by the day, and we hope to make this possible with your accreditation system. Only courses that meet the standards get to be accredited, which assists in maintaining high quality in distance learning programs.

Working with TERA community

ECICEL’s team will now have the chance to work closely with the TERA community through attending meetings, conferencing, and academic networking events to develop and spread new ideas that will positively impact the education system. TERA is always looking into new research ideas and ways to enhance education. We are optimistic that our partnership will continue to improve the learning process, not just distance courses.

This partnership will foster great benefits to members of the ECICEL and all the accredited institutions. We hope to bring our intellects together and develop improved ways to help the educational system grow.

Also, we’d like to thank everyone involved in the facilitation of this partnership. The ECICEL continues to improve our daily services and ensure distant learners get nothing but the highest quality of online courses possible. We hope this partnership will keep opening doors for our community and hopefully a brighter future for distant learners.

Pic: Source Teaching & Education Research Association