ECICEL is an international organization that sets quality standards for educational institutions around the world. ECICEL offers three types of memberships: Accredited, Approved, and Certified. Each type of membership has its own set of standards, requirements, and benefits, ensuring that all institutions, regardless of their size, type, or location, have opportunities to improve educational quality and performance.

Accredited membership is awarded to institutions that have demonstrated excellence in their educational practices and meet the highest standards of quality assurance. These institutions have undergone rigorous external evaluation and have been found to meet or exceed the criteria established by ECICEL.

Approved membership is granted to institutions that meet ECICEL’s quality standards but may not have gone through the same level of external evaluation as accredited members. These institutions have shown a commitment to providing high-quality education and are continuously working to improve their practices.

Certified membership indicates an institution has met the requirements of ISO 21001, a global standard for educational organizations, and implemented an effective management system demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement. This type of membership is available to both first-time members and institutions that already hold accredited or approved memberships.

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