About certification

ecicel certification

The ECICEL quality mark is a kind of acknowledgment that confirms that courses meet the high requirements of the center. Training programs undergo control tests to verify technical demands, description of teaching materials and handling data of the educational process. In our certification work, we resort to international distant learning standard such as SCORM, LRN, IMS and other.

Certification of specialists in this sphere is treated with special care. Among specialists, we work with teachers who give training courses and programmers who are specialized in technical support.

Directions for certification of specialists:

  • Specialist in the administration of  distance learning systems;
  • Specialist in the development of distant learning programs;
  • 1st/2nd/3d/ level teachers;
  • Specialist in data security;
  • Specialist in internet technologies;
  • Specialist in standards of distant learning development;
  • Specialist in systems of distant learning administration;
  • Specialist in cloudy service