About Accredited Membership

Accredited membership is a primary means of distance education quality assurance and a significant resource for quality improvement. It follows a rigorous assessment of the provider’s administrative and tutorial methods and educational materials, to ensure that all standards are met.

It is open to all distance learning, online or e-learning providers and other open learning or flexible learning courses. To gain accreditation, providers must show that they meet our standards.

Once accredited, providers are monitored to ensure that students continue to receive good service and are re-assessed at least once every annualy.

Preliminary assessment:

  • To begin the process of accreditation the institution has to fill out the application providing the number of educational programs, the number of specialists as well as the main business processes. Application for accreditation is being considered in the course of 7-21 working days.
  • Upon filing the application, the institution has to join ECICEL membership since accreditation is possible only for Accredited members of ECICEL society.

Assessment stage:

  • A board of Commission specialized in the sphere of activities of your institution is formed with the purpose of carrying out an audit of the institution. It takes place in 3 steps.
  • At the first stage, Commission gives an audit of the course materials and distance learning system;
  • At the second stage Commission estimate specialists of your institution;
  • System of central administration, as well as an interview with the head of the center, make the third stage;


  • In case of a positive result of all three stages, the institution gets ECICEL accreditation. In case any of the stages does not meet ECICEL demands the board writes out discrepancies and gives time for corrections. Providing during this time corrections will be left untouched our institution is at liberty to reject the request for obtaining It. The fee for doing so is not paid back. It is valid for 1 year with the possibility of further extension.

If you have any questions you are invited to contact our office via contact form.

Accreditation handbook

The ECICEL Accreditation Handbook is a detailed guide to the Accreditation process and the following procedures. The responsibility for assuring the quality of an institution rests first with the institution itself. To download the book please use the link below.