Membership Application Process

There are five general phases or steps in the accreditation membership application process:

  • Application Submission
  • Application Review
  • Dues Payment
  • Membership Activation
  • Membership Renewal Dues

Steps For Membership Application Process

1. Application Submission
All new applications must set forth the organization’s qualifications, including a brief description of your organization’s aviation-related activities.

2. Application Review
Once received, your application will be reviewed to ensure that all criteria are met.

3. Dues Payment
When the application is approved, you will receive a payment invoice for the first year. The fastest way to process your payment is by using our secure PayPal Payment System. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

4. Membership Activation
Upon full payment, you will receive a notification confirmation that your membership is now active and full membership package that includes:

  • PDF ECICEL Certificate of Membership;
  • ECICEL Graphics (Logos);
  • Code of Practice;
  • Letter of Confirmation.

5. Membership Renewal Dues
Membership is renewed on the anniversary date your organization’s application was approved. You will receive a notification via email when your renewal invoice is available on your online account.

For questions on membership application process, please email [email protected].