Fees may be paid in Euros. The ECICEL will inform you about payment options if your application is approved.

The ECICEL reserves the right to request full payment of the annual fee in advance, before processing any application and completing due-diligence procedures. The amount of any security deposit will be deducted from the first annual Fee, if the application is successful. If the application is unsuccessful, we will refund any advance payment or security deposit in full.

Accreditation Fees

Accreditation Fees Current Fees Payment Link
Registration Fee* € 75
Annual Accreditation Fee
for Private Institutions
€ 400
Annual Accreditation Fee
for Universities
€ 500

Membership Fee

Membership Fees Current Fees Current Fees
Registration Fee* € 75
Annual Membership Fee € 350

Accreditation/Membership fees are valid for 12 months from the date of registration.

* The Registration Fee is payable ONCE only upon initial application and will be added to the first Fee.