ECICEL Supports Digital Learning India Summit – Resolve the Obstacles Faced by the Indian Education Sector

This year ECICEL supports #Digital #Learning #India #Summit and we’re so happy to invite you! This conference is designed to bring the digital learning solution providers from all over the globe into the spotlight, which will aid in the modernizing and digitizing of the education sector, and solve the critical challenges of digital learning in the Indian sub-continent.

The Indian government has initiated a new National Education Policy (NEP) that has put emphasis on the digitization of schools, colleges, and universities across the country and allocated Rs. 99,224 Crores (US$ 13.62 Billion) to the education sector in the Union Budget 2021-2022 and poised to become a $313 Billion education and skills market by 2030.

The attendees in this summit are the top decision-makers from Schools, Colleges, Universities, Higher Education Academies, Government and Semi-Government Entities,which include the CEOs, Business Development Heads, Director and Deputy Director Generals, Principals/Deans, Teaching staff, Education Technology Heads, Learning & Development Managers, etc. on a professional virtual event platform along with the latest educational innovations, technologies and solution-providers who can cater the need of the Indian sub-continent.

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Arif Ulla | Director | Product Development

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