Certification Application Process

Certification of specialists is an important process in the sphere of distance learning. The whole progression of learning formation is extremely important for us which makes us take care of the quality of specialists as well.

There are four general phases or steps in the specialist certification:

  • Application
  • Assessment stage
  • A Decision is Reached
  • Certification

Certification Application Process:

Application Submission

  • To start the process of certification the specialist has to submit the online application on the ECICEL site (www.ecicel.org).
  • Application specialist has to join ECICEL membership since certification is possible only for full members of ECICEL society.

Assessment stage

  • During the first stage of assessment, the experience in the chosen speciality by particular expert receives the most serious study. In case of positive results, the specialist is recommended for the second stage.
  • Taking tests makes the second assessment stage. Specialist receives information about the date and time of taking tests in a chosen speciality. Tests are carried online purpose of which to assess knowledge of the specialist.

A Decision is Reached

  • After the previous steps are completed, our commistion start to review the collected information and affirm or deny specialist certification status.


  • In case of successful passing through first two stages, the specialist gets qualification certificate. The specialist has opportunity two take tests twice. In case of negative results, the centre has the right to reject the request for getting the certificate. The fee for doing so is not paid back.